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About us

How are Frutex natural fruit chips made?

For 26 years, our company, being the largest operator of the market of fresh vegetables and fruits, has been importing only selected fruits from all over the world to Ukraine. We understand fruits and that is why we carefully select only the best fruits from all over the world to make Frutex chips. "What is the secret of our sweets?" - you ask. The answer is simple: "We love fruits and always care about the health of our consumers, which is why our Frutex chips are so tasty and healthy."

Our principle of work is to use only selected, fresh fruits that undergo quality control so that Frutex chips can be enjoyed by both adults and children. Next, we cut and dry them slowly with soft air, which allows us to preserve all the benefits of fresh fruits and get a unique crunch.

The soft drying process takes place at a low temperature for 4-6 hours, depending on the product. This processing method allows you to keep the content of vitamins and other nutrients in the dry product at a level of almost 100%. During the drying process, fruits lose 88-92% moisture, so 100 grams of fruity chips is less than 1 kilogram of fresh fruit. And given that in some fruits we remove the brushes and peel off the skin, sometimes 100g in fructosepsiv is equal to up to 2 kg of fresh fruit!

  • Our soft drying method is the most delicate for fruits!
  • We don't add sugar.
  • We don't use any impurities!
  • We care about our consumers!
  • Only fruits - nothing more!